There is always hope ,even for unlucky girl like me
"Hello I am a scientist and many more.there to ask me something."
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Alice and the Pirates makes the prettiest gothic prints, and I need all of them.


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ymirthebadass if you want you can reply as ghost Ymir or „,”lol still alive ymir ,acutaly there are many possibilities„ :D any of them would make me happy


Work out Krista and Ymir

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"And how can I help you?" He asks with curiosity.




"I i heard you are psychiatrist i-i have issuses ,and i need someone profesional to talk to." @foolish-pleasure


"I i thank you sir i would love some water si-sir." she stuttered ,taking a tissue form tissue box to clean her face."I t-this was hard to tell ,but at one point i am feling easier about this,i guess thats a good thing ,finally saying my problems to someone."


"Please feel free to call me Julian or Dr. Matthews, there’s no need for the sir title Vesna." Julian said as he handed her a cool bottle of water from his mini fridge.

"I believe you, it seems that these nightmares of yours are quite life like and very gruesome. Especially when it involves your friends and fellow colleagues."

"Thank you s- Jullian." She spoke before drinking a sip of cool water."I i am ussualy not as mousie and frighten like this ,but ,i do not remember last time i had a good sleep ,i feel sometimes like a dead person,because of this,i wish there was solution."

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when you finally receive an ask during one of those ask games


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so that means i did a good job with sadds eh D:
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M!A genderbend open starter.



"Well at first yeah,but after second time,its ..sorta fun ..seing things from difrent perspective."He smiled by walking with her by his arms
.’By the way do i look bad as guy?”

 ”I suppose that’s a good way to look at it,” She smiled softly with a nod as they walked down the street. She blinked and giggled at his question. ‘It’s certainly different to see you like this Ves-I mean, Vlad, but..I think you make a very handsome guy. I’ll be lucky to keep you to myself in the theater,”

"Oh ,i will be the luckiest because i am going with a cute lil godess like you under my arm,heueh , And unlike dates of other dudes,and dudets there you will be one who looks good under and light,." He grined while leading her towards movie."Oh by the way what movie you want to watch i forgot."

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Can you turn on the light,